SB 618 increases sentence for wearing body armor



In CommitteePublic Hearing 01/31/2023 1:00pm HR D
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This bill establishes procedure for charging aggravated version of offense when defendant commits felony while wearing body armor. That fact may be pleaded and proved at trial as an element in aggravation of the crime. The unaggravated crime shall be considered a lesser included offense.

Considering Multnomah County would not charge rioters the last 7 yrs because it couldn’t afford all the court appointed attorneys to do so, how will this help the lawlessness that is the worst in metro areas in Oregon. They want a criminal to submit to being killed while committing a crime. Bullet proof vests aren’t really bullet proof, but generally saves lives. High speed calibers will travel through body armor. Body armor does not allow the criminal to escape. The majority of officers equate the feeling of being hit with body armor by a bullet with the feeling of being hit with a hammer.

The aggravated offense holds a sentence up to five years’ imprisonment for first offense, 10 years’ imprisonment for second offense, and 30 years’ imprisonment for third and subsequent offenses. Authorizes court to impose lesser sentence in certain circumstances.

You can’t be against capitol punishment and for this bill.

Submit testimony by end of January 31.

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