SB 799 extends renter notice period

SB 799 extends renter notice period



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This bill requires residential landlords to extend notice periods for terminations 10 days and eviction proceeding based on termination notices for up to 60 days while an application for rental assistance is pending. Courts may postpone dates for first appearance and trial for another 21 days leaving the landlord without rent for 3 months.

Requires public bodies and grantees to inform tenants and landlords regarding rental assistance applications. Requires residential landlord to demonstrate that tenant not appearing at eviction first appearance remains in possession of premises before entry of judgment by default. Requires courts to annually set aside and seal certain inoperative residential eviction judgments. Prohibits residential landlord from enforcing certain guest policies. Declares emergency, effective on passage.

This bill has to potential of forcing small landlords out of business. Landlords have served to educate and inform tenants on concepts of Personal Finance. Forcing rental stock out of small landlords’ control means less affordable housing and more corporate holdings and use of property management firms that may be less likely to be able to respond and address tenant and property issues. Money taken directly from rental owners means less investment back into the property.

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